Irish Water and Our Mind Numbingly Incompetent Politicians

Free Irish WaterThe Irish Water debacle shows just how mind numbingly incompetent our politicians are. Remember when they were in control of the telephone system? There was a two year waiting list for a telephone, if you could get one in the first place.  Can you imagine the state we would be in if these incompetents were in control of our Electricity, Gas, Internet or Phone systems.

We need a single water utility and people need to pay for the water they use and yes disconnection should be an option. If there are ability to pay issues, that can be dealt with through the Social Welfare system.

Like the ESB, Irish Water needs to be independent of the politicians we are unfortunately saddled with in this wonderful little Republic.

Of course we need the politicians to create this change, back to the headline in this post……

Basically our politicians have created their very own Cute Hoors Ground Hog Day

Leadership! What leadership?

Incompetant Politiciana and Iris Water

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