November 20

I passed north bound on the M50 at 8:35 on the morning of the 11th November the first of the recent M50 accidents. At that time, 3 hours 15 minutes after the accident, the only thing that was left on the roadway was the vehicles that were involved, the CSI team and another team of Garda managing the closure of the M50 at the N3 off ramp

An Irish Times picture shows that the outside lane (and most of the centre lane) was free of any obstruction
M50 Accident 11th November 2015

As far as I am concerned there is no reason why this one lane could not have been opened. There were enough police managing the closure to make this possible safely.

I would challenge the CSI team to tell us what extra they could discover from this outside lane, in the five hours following this picture been taken that they did not get in the previous 3 hours. Those numbers may not be perfectly accurate but I think people get my drift.

Accidents where people die need to be properly investigated and as one lady commented on radio last week, while we might have been delayed, we got to our destination alive and well so I am not advocating a lessening of CSI activity, I just think that the CSI team should include someone who focus is on the efficiency of the investigation in the context of getting the road open again.