Apocalypse not

The Apocalypse is coming, you’re all going to die screams the headlines again……

I remember being told in the early 1970’s, while working in the motor industry, that I should find another career as the oil would be gone by the mid nineties and cars would revert to being pulled by horses…..

While we need to focus our efforts on sustainability and proper use of the resources that our planet can provide for a potential global population of 11 Billion. (Hans Rosling “showing the facts about population” on YouTube) and because we live on the third rock from the sun in a volatile cosmos, climate change will be a factor one way or the other so we need to limit, as best we can, the impact of human behaviour on our “Pale Blue Dot”  Having said that, I am in totally in agreement with the content  in this article from the Boston Globe.

Apocalypse not, The Boston Globe

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